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"Very gently, very quietly, very gradually, Reiki opens an inner spiritual connection that can significantly change the way a person experiences life, a sense of connectedness that can help transform negative attitudes and create a sense of meaning and purpose. This may be the most valuable gift Reiki offers."  -Pamela Miles, pioneer of medical Reiki

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REIKI LEVEL 1, Koh Phangan 2020

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About Reiki Alchemy

Reiki Alchemy is a traveling Reiki school and healing space founded by Nirmala Taryn Walker. After a decade of self-practice, teaching and giving treatments, Nirmala is more passionate than ever about Reiki as a self-care practice and path of self-inquiry.

Alchemy is, metaphorically, the journey of inner transformation, an exploration into hidden layers of the being, to illuminate the unconscious and reveal one's true nature.

In a world of much drama and stimulation, Reiki offers a quiet, gentle way to transform suffering into happiness through a simple practice of presence.


Through Reiki Alchemy, Nirmala wishes for Reiki to be known in every home, by sharing credible information and particularly through empowering others to learn self-practice. No matter what a person is going through, whether it be chronic pain, anxiety, or even cancer, Nirmala is confident that Reiki can help, even if it isn't the cure. 

From her personal experience in using Reiki daily, Nirmala values Reiki practice not only as an effective balancing treatment, but also as a wonderful tool for navigating the subtle processes of healing.

Reiki Alchemy is currently in Thailand, ready to welcome you and support you, whether you're new to Reiki or want to find greater depth in your practice.


Suzi, England

"I'm not quite sure what it is you do, but it works!! Reiki offers me the most profound feeling of peace and contentment and the sessions I had with you shifted things on such a deep level. I'm now thinking of training myself in Reiki!" 

Tracy, Australia

 “I am absolutely blown away by this Reiki experience! The healing energy was so powerful…I felt amazing for days after…I’m sooo grateful to you and Reiki for changing the course of my life"

Robyn, S.Africa

Distant Reiki with you is like having a massage, then a good sleep and some energising exercise all in one. I always come away feeling grounded, peaceful and so content. It's a system re-boot on all levels! My mind and body flows effortlessly after these sessions and what follows in my life is always a positive change and fresh perspective which leaves me feeling like a better human being"


Koh Phangan, Suratthani,Thailand, 84280

Taryn@Reiki-Alchemy.com  |  Tel: +66936742135

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