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1-on-1 Mentoring/Consultation

Are you struggling with a particular area of

your Reiki practice?

Whether you're new to Reiki practice or have decades of experience, chances are we've both come across similar questions or challenges.


I've practiced Reiki consistently for the last decade. Daily self-practice, a professional home & traveling practice and my experience as a Reiki teacher have given me countless lessons through the various challenges that arise.


Intense continuous training in rare energy-based traditional Yoga adds a unique dimension to my understanding of Reiki which benefits my own practice and has guided others in knowing themselves more holistically.

Even professionals can benefit from a different, objective perspective from another professional in their field. 

Mentoring Session Options And Benefits 

I offer these mentoring sessions to help you with any of the following:

-To provide inspiration and guidance for a deeper self-practice

-Professional advice related to your home or professional Reiki practice, e.g:

  • Advertising/marketing your Reiki services

  • Creating a good online presence e.g. website, social media

  • Challenges with clients e.g. trust or boundary issues

-Explore personal issues arising from regular Reiki practice

-Guidance related to teaching Reiki, off and online

-Advice on using Reiki as a spiritual path

-How to use your Reiki practice to support an illness or life challenge (personal, friend or family)

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are not for Reiki training.

If you are interested in learning Reiki  - Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master courses can be found here. 

* Please contact me to discuss online training.

What's Next?

Online Call

 45 min Skype/Zoom Call


Call + Summary

45 min Skype/Zoom Call with a personalized written summary

and links to helpful resources​



Once you've scheduled your session, e-mail me here for details on setting up the video/audio call. If you prefer to be mentored through writing, please contact me to discuss this.

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