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The 5 Reiki Principles

The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, gave us five Reiki principles as "the secret method for inviting happiness" The principles are a daily invitation to avoid behaviours that lead to suffering and instead cultivate those that benefit all of us, you and everybody else. Just for today... Do not anger Do not worry With Thankfulness, Work Diligently Be kind to others Staying aligned with our deepest values creates inner harmony which reflects in our outer reality. When there is harmony within, we interact with life with greater ease. We sleep better at night. With consistent practice and contemplation the five principles guide us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, what we are and what we are

Reiki at The End of Life

When my grandfather started showing signs of being ready to leave this world I asked if he wanted a distant Reiki treatment. I wasn’t able to physically travel to where he was so it was a blessing that Reiki works remotely. There was a particular texture to this distant Reiki session that I’d never experienced before. It was more ethereal and otherworldly than usual and there was a profound feeling of peace and a joyfulness I’ll always remember. I felt a strong and unmistakeable connection to my grandpa and I could feel how relieved he was to be passing on out of the pain he’d experienced in his last years. My grandmother, who was by his side as he received the distant treatment, reported th

The Gift of Reiki Self Practice

While it is wonderful to receive Reiki through someone else, being able to give yourself a treatment opens up a beautiful opportunity to develop a special relationship with Reiki through daily self care. Once you’ve received your Reiki Level I initiation, the focus should be on developing your self practice. A simple way to incorporate Reiki into a busy life is to treat yourself in the mornings as you wake up, even before you open your eyes. Make sure you are in a comfortable position so as to fully enjoy the session. I find that lying on my side at first is the most comfortable way to do a head treatment. I then turn onto my back and treat my neck, torso and abdomen, letting my intuition gu