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Recharge & Reset

Receive a 20 minute Distant Reiki treatment in the comfort of your home

These remote healing sessions can be used as self-care according to your current needs, for example:

  • coming back into beneficial alignment and returning to balance

  • supporting and giving energy to a new intention or goal

  • much needed deep relaxation for restoration

  • nurturing during a challenging time

You may also gift a session to someone in need

And remember, you don't need to be sick to treat yourself with Reiki. Consistent self-care is ideal for wellness

How it Works

Upon booking you will receive detailed guidelines for preparing a sacred space, setting an intention and receiving Distant Reiki 

We will connect via e-mail just before your session starts and then disconnect from devices to allow for deep relaxation

After the session we will share feedback and I will follow up with you a few days later


20  minute Distant Reiki Session


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