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Recharge and Make a Change!



Ready for a Change?

Are you sick and tired of being stuck in the same old stories?

Feeling ready to let something go and make space for a new way of being?

No matter what you're going through, 21 DAYS OF DISTANT REIKI can give you the kickstart you need to start fresh and feel better!

How Does it work?

Receive Reiki remotely every day* for 21 days in the comfort of your home or preferred healing space.

Distant Reiki is a special healing technique which allows Reiki to be received  across any distance. 


21 is an auspicious number in many spiritual traditions, known to be supportive for breaking a habit or anchoring a new beneficial behaviour.

Each day you will be sent an encouraging reminder to connect with your current healing intention and receive a wonderful distant Reiki treatment to support you in your transformation (approximately 20 minutes). 

You will also receive excellent guidelines for working with and healing through distant Reiki and personal attention after each treatment, as well as the opportunity to connect with Nirmala via Skype for additional support.

*it is completely safe to receive Distant Reiki every day, and possible even while working. You do not necessarily need to take 21 days off to benefit. Reiki is very gentle and many choose to use this program during their everyday busy lives, as it is very calming


21 Days of Distant Reiki Can Empower You To:

 Stop smoking

 Lose/gain weight

 Change your diet

 Stick to and empower a detox/cleansing program

 Bring joy and a renewed sense of purpose into your life

 Recover faster from an injury or after surgery

 Feel better even if chronically or terminally ill

 Encourage your system towards overall balance

 Let go of anything that is not working for you-bring healing to past wounds-feel more energised and alive!

Detailed Info & Guidance on Distant Reiki
How to receive it and activate self-healing through its power
Daily Healing Sessions for 21 days
Daily Feedback and Support
to monitor your progress and bring more clarity to your healing process and intentions
Consultation Calls (via Skype or Zoom)
Tailor the program to suit your specific needs

Package Includes

distance reiki

"I love these sessions with you. I learn so much from them and they're always directing me towards positive growth. The process is gentle and supportive, which is very comforting. Distant Reiki with you is like having a massage, then a good sleep and some energising exercise all in one. I always come away feeling grounded, peaceful and so content. It's a system re-boot on all levels! My mind and body flows effortlessly after these sessions and what follows in my life is always a positive change and fresh perspective which leaves me feeling like a better human being"      

-Robyn Rose, photographer & mother                of twins, South Africa

This programme was created to support your transformation and allow you to experience the extraordinary benefits of daily Reiki treatment.

Special Promotion
Valid Throughout 2022


How to Sign Up:
1) Make your payment:
2) Check your e-mail for an introductory e-mail for the program

*click on "Paypal Checkout" for both Paypal and credit card payment options*

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nirmala

Nirmala has worked with Distant Reiki for over a decade, offering support for a diverse array of health conditions, from chronic pain to advanced stage cancer. She has seen that Reiki always helps, even if it isn't the cure. Regular treatments offer the best results.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting your transformation at this time

Reiki Blessings,

Nirmala Taryn Walker

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