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When I'm not teaching Reiki, another passion of mine is art, especially painting! My style is intuitive and every painting begins without a plan. I love how liberating this feels. It is always a deep journey for me, offering profound insights and a lot of joy. The creative process can be incredibly healing, bringing awareness to the "inner critics" most of us struggle with and an opportunity to develop self-confidence and self-love. Here is some of my art, available for purchase. Enjoy looking Xx

Send a postcard...

I love sending postcards! 

So I turned my Magical Owl Collection of paintings into postcards that can be sent to loved ones. 

Why not brighten someones day and let them know you care through this wonderful tradition...

Send a message of love. Life is way too short to hold back. Take a moment to express your heart!


Postcards can also be framed. An inexpensive way to bring some art into your home.


These owls are bright and colourful, sure to bring joy and uplift your spirit!


A framed little magical owl makes a great gift!

Available here as a set of 5 or 8

(frames not included)

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