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Lilia K, U.S.A

"Here I am happy and with great news - my knee doesn't hurt anymore and yesterday for the first time in two weeks I was able to take 30 min. walk and even after I didn't have any pain. Fantastic!!! You are awesome, Reiki is awesome, I am awesome ! And LIFE IS GOOD! Thank you again for your help"


Caitlin R, Taiwan

“Before the session I’d been feeling very anxious…since then I’ve been feeling a lot more relaxed and not so anxious…something’s been unblocked there. I’d recommend Reiki to anyone…it’s incredible!”

Jarred M, U.S.A

"Thank you for Reiki.  I appreciate your assistance in helping me love myself and accept who I am and am becoming. This is a journey and I am glad to have people like you to assist. Thank you"

Christian H, Germany

"Thank you so much for the distant Reiki session. It was a beautiful experience :)
During the session I had a warm sensation in the body and a prickle in the hands and feet. Afterwards I felt very relaxed and energized"


Lee-Anne T, South Africa

"I really feel so energised and inspired, thanks so much again. I definitely want to do regular Reiki sessions with you"

M.O, U.S.A

"Thank you so much Taryn! The Reiki was amazing! I had a very peaceful feeling throughout. 

and I feel so much at ease now and reassured.  Thanks again for your wonderful work! 

Doreen R, U.S.A

"I feel wonderful and so pleasant! I didn't tell you I had a severe migraine from a damaged nerve and my knees, which I have to see a surgeon about, have been hurting, especially one. I started feeling a nice tingling in my head, then down my neck, slowly down my chest,arms and hands. At that time my knees started to tingle and then felt so light, the feeling you get when floating on water, no pain! The tingling continued in my head, neck and shoulders. It felt like a nice sensation of my temples and forehead being gently massaged! My knees feel fantastic and there's just a tiny bit of a headache on my left. I feel great! I had the migraine since Tuesday and my left knee needs a support for the pain , but not now! I can bend both easily!!!!
Thank you so very much Taryn! I can't thank you enough! I'll sleep tonight! xx

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