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Distant Reiki

for Pregnant Women

Deep nurturing for you and your baby

How Reiki Helps

Reiki is primarily a gentle balancing treatment. The big hormonal changes that come with pregnancy often leave women feeling completely out of balance physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually. Reiki can be helpful in restoring balance through the natural healing effects of deep relaxation:

Physical Healing

Reiki provides relief related to physical pregnancy challenges such as:

  • bleeding gums

  • backache, pelvic pain, sore feet

  • itchiness

  • exhaustion, insomnia

  • nausea

  • indigestion, heartburn

  • bloating, constipation

  • excessive body heat

Emotional/Mental/Spiritual Support
  • calms the nervous system

  • brings a sense of ease and trust

  • helps to ground and center 

  • calms the mind

  • helps to cope with fears

  • enhances the connection between mother and baby

Is Reiki Safe for the Baby?

Yes! Reiki is always safe because:






During my Reiki training I practiced on my teacher, who was 7 months pregnant at the time. Since then I have had the honour of offering Reiki to many pregnant mamas to be and received wonderful feedback. Reiki always helps.

  • It is a receiver-driven practice. The baby responds naturally to Reiki according to what is needed

  • Reiki is non-invasive ie. no manipulation of the body tissues at all

Being on hospital bedrest with twins at a very early stage in my pregnancy left me feeling quite anxious. I wanted to create a gentle and supportive environment for all three of us, where we could continue to grow healthily and free from any blockages. Nirmala's treatments are powerful. I felt a deep sense of relaxation when we entered into the session and could feel vibrational energy moving within my body. I also experienced my babies floating in what I can only describe as absolute bliss. I could feel them resting in this peace and it was beautiful to witness. This Distant Reiki continues to blow my mind. Nirmala is able to sense her way around the body and energetic system. Her feedback is accurate and my body welcomes the clearing and cleansing that comes with this practice. I am so grateful to  experience Reiki with Nirmala and continue to book sessions for myself and my perfectly healthy little twins"

--Robyn Rose, South Africa


Distant Reiki Treatment

Receive a 25 minute remote healing treatment in the comfort of your own home


Distant Reiki & Support Call

25 min remote healing treatment with pre or post session Skype call for emotional support


In Person Reiki Treatment

Receive a 1 hr nurturing treatment in the Reiki Alchemy healing space in Thailand

THB 1200

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