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Support for Reiki Practitioners

Although it is ideal to have a good continuing relationship with your Reiki teacher, it doesn't always happen this way.

You may have lost touch with your teacher or feel that your course didn't offer you enough to feel confident as a practitioner. Often there are doubts around self-practice. Do you question your ability? Did you feel disconnected from Reiki after your course was over and you returned to ordinary life?

I offer support and guidance for practitioners with doubts or concerns, and for anyone wishing to deepen their understanding and practice. Like you, I am always learning, and your questions often lead to deeper insights about my own practice. We are all students together on this journey of healing and self-inquiry.

Options For Receiving Support

Free Theory Course

Free introductory Reiki theory course, for those still unclear about the basics of Reiki

Reiki Blog

A resource with valuable information for expanding or affirming your knowledge

Advanced Courses

Deepen and expand your practice and understanding with level 1, 2 or master courses

Get In Touch

Should you have questions not answered by any of the above resources, Contact me for support

mentoring call2green.jpg
Mentoring Services

Receive personal guidance for your Reiki practice or business through 1-on-1 mentoring calls

Reiki Re-Initiation

Receive a distant Reiki re-initiation to reconnect with your ability to channel Reiki

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