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Reiki Level 1, 2 & Master 30 day Intensive


Jan 17-Feb15 2021

Spend one month on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Thailand immersed in the sacred teachings of Reiki. This training has been created with the intention of allowing for a deep integration of the principles and practice of Reiki with supportive practices from various energy medicine traditions


By gradually moving through each level with sufficient practice time, you will feel confident to teach Reiki courses by the end of the 30 day training.

A TTC can be a gateway which empowers you to live and work from your true, authentic Self.  Each participant will receive personalised guidance to help you to embody the teachings and understand them from the inside to discover the Truth within

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Course Includes:

  • Reiki Level 1 Training with 4 initiations. 

  • Reiki Level 2 Training with 2 initiations

  • Reiki Master Training with 1 initiation


  • Comprehensive Training Manual rich in Metaphysical Teachings

  • Course Materials for Teaching Reiki Courses

  • Psycho-Spiritual Therapeutic Exercises for Healing and Transformation

  • Traditional Yogic Practices which Support Reiki Practice

  • Taoist Practices for Purifying the Energetic Pathways

  • Various Meditation Techniques and Group Meditation Practice

  • Multiple Practice Sessions to Gain Experience in all Techniques

  • Practicum Classes to Gain Experience in Teaching Reiki

  • 1-on-1 Mentorship Sessions

  • How to market yourself as a teacher

  • Nature Trips to Practice Outdoors and Enjoy the Island


All participants will receive initiation and training in all levels. For those already initiated into Reiki, you will be provided with opportunities to assist and support the newcomers. 

If you're feeling ready to teach, re-taking all levels of training will be done with the intention of learning how to teach. The course will be adapted to accommodate the individual needs of everyone according to your current level of experience.

Why become a Reiki teacher?

  • To be a spiritual guide to those who are becoming interested in the discovery of Truth

  • To introduce a beneficial daily self-care practice to those who need healing or wish to stay healthy

  • To deepen your understanding of the deeper teachings of Reiki

  • For a personal transformation to deepen into the Truth of who you are and why you are here

  • To be of service to others doing something you value and love

  • To embody the teachings of Reiki and holistic health in everyday life and live in balance and harmony with all

  • To bring more consciousness into the world

Kate testimonial reiki ttc.jpg

"My friend and I took our Reiki Master studies with Nirmala and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Nirmala's style of teaching is accessible, supportive and truly comes from the heart.


The structure of the course was well-organised, with plenty of space left for questions and additional practice as needed. My friend and I had both been practicing Reiki for a number of years and I felt like every Reiki question that had ever come up since practicing, Nirmala had an insightful, helpful answer to. It really felt like she tailored the course to suit our individual needs and interests.


Nirmala has a unique talent for breaking down and clearly explaining concepts that are often made to feel abstract and difficult to put into words. It is clear she takes a lot of time and care into composing her manuals, which have been a really valuable base from which to compose my own teaching manuals.


When I originally took the course, my intention had been to deepen my own self-healing practice as well as my professional practice healing others. Teaching wasn't at the forefront of my mind. However by the end of the course I felt so inspired and well-prepared, teaching Reiki to others organically started to manifest not long after completing the course. Nirmala places a huge emphasis on self-healing practice, which is so important. Although at the time, I did have a self-healing practice, it wasn't consistent. I can now honestly say that since taking the course, a day hasn't gone by when I haven't given myself Reiki. This in itself has had a huge impact on my personal growth, my sensitivity to energy, the ability to tap into and trust my intuition.


Since finishing the course, Nirmala has continued to be a caring and supportive mentor. She stills continues to answer my questions with as much care and attention as we received during the training. I have never met a practitioner or teacher who is so dedicated to one specific healing practice, and this expertise in the field of Reiki healing really comes across."

~Kate Parrott,


30 Day Reiki Teacher Training Course~$2150

    Early bird discount price: $1950 (applies to bookings with deposit paid 3 months in advance)


  • Light Breakfast of Tea and Fruits

  • Vegan Ayurvedic Lunch

  • All Course Materials

  • Reiki Teacher Certification

Does not include:

  • Accommodation*

  • Dinners

*Koh Phangan has a wide array of accommodation options to suit your preference. We are happy to assist you with finding accommodation. Please ask for suggestions.


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