The Gift of Reiki Self Practice

While it is wonderful to receive Reiki through someone else, being able to give yourself a treatment opens up a beautiful opportunity to develop a special relationship with Reiki through daily self care.

Once you’ve received your Reiki Level I initiation, the focus should be on developing your self practice. A simple way to incorporate Reiki into a busy life is to treat yourself in the mornings as you wake up, even before you open your eyes. Make sure you are in a comfortable position so as to fully enjoy the session. I find that lying on my side at first is the most comfortable way to do a head treatment. I then turn onto my back and treat my neck, torso and abdomen, letting my intuition guide me to areas that need more attention.

Starting with a Reiki session is a great way to enter each new day from a place of grounded calmness. Of course any self-care practice can bring up unpleasant emotional and mental issues, but I find that daily Reiki practice gives you the centered awareness to witness and process these challenges with greater clarity. This helps us to learn how to gently integrate new insights arising from difficult lessons rather than be totally controlled by the weight of any accompanying emotions. Daily Reiki reveals what needs to shift and we learn to kindly ask ourselves if we are ready for the next transition.

Over time self Reiki becomes a beautiful spiritual practice. It is a special daily communion with the deeper parts of ourselves and ultimately the divine consciousness that exists everywhere. It helps us to know ourselves on all levels of our being, offering us a path of deepening self-inquiry as we become more familiar with all that we are.