Reiki at The End of Life

When my grandfather started showing signs of being ready to leave this world I asked if he wanted a distant Reiki treatment. I wasn’t able to physically travel to where he was so it was a blessing that Reiki works remotely.

There was a particular texture to this distant Reiki session that I’d never experienced before. It was more ethereal and otherworldly than usual and there was a profound feeling of peace and a joyfulness I’ll always remember. I felt a strong and unmistakeable connection to my grandpa and I could feel how relieved he was to be passing on out of the pain he’d experienced in his last years.

My grandmother, who was by his side as he received the distant treatment, reported that he was much calmer and more peaceful after the session than he’d been in the previous days.

The Tibetan and Indian yogis taught that the end of life is a special opportunity for self realisation. Most people, especially those who have not done much spiritual work in this life, become fearful at the time of death, and may miss an opportunity to recognise the true self, often referred to as the bright light of pure awareness.

Based on these teachings, I "spoke" to my grandfather during the Reiki session, and reassured him that it was safe to move towards the bright light. I guided him to recognise this light as his true essence. What a beautiful experience this was.

Reiki is perfect for this time of passing on as it so easily relaxes a person and allows for a deeper awareness of what we are beyond the physical body. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to hold space for my grandpa to connect with Reiki at such a special time in his life, and for these supportive teachings on dying.

Here are some guidelines based on the method I used for this distant Reiki session:

~Create a sacred space for the session. Use sage, frankincense, palo santo or any high vibrational incense or essential oils to clear the space, play relaxing but uplifting music, light candles and so on

~Write the person’s name on a piece of paper

~Use the distance healing technique you were taught by your teacher and offer Reiki just as you would in an ordinary session, with the same presence and sincerity

~Send encouraging messages to the receiver about this special time of passing out of life

~After the session offer a grateful thought to Reiki for the healing that has taken place. Remove yourself as the author of these actions and recognise the true source of healing.

This experience of sharing Reiki with my grandfather at the time of his death has helped me to accept death as an inevitable part of life. It has helped me to see death as a beautiful transition into another dimension and it has made me more conscious of creating a life that I will not regret at the time of my own death. What a beautiful gift this is.