Why Should Healing Be Free?

February 6, 2015

“Healing should be free because energy is free”.


This came from someone who got upset about receiving a payment request upon booking a distant Reiki session.


I’ve received similar messages, often accompanied by a big rant about money and how greedy healers only care about making more of it.


Firstly, I’d like to express my shock at the way some people choose to speak to others on the internet. Some will simply send a message saying “Send Reiki now.” No introduction, no explanation, just a rude demand. Excuse me, an actual person exists on the other end of that contact form.




I don’t think of my services as a Reiki practitioner to be more special than the services offered by a plumber. We need different things at different times and everyone who provides a service has an important place in their community, from doctors to garbage collectors.


Would you ever think to ask a plumber for free plumbing?

Imagine sending the plumber a message saying, “Unblock my pipes, now!” and expecting him to do it for free…


That healing should be free because energy is free makes no sense to me for a few reasons:


1)     Everything is energy, including money. Paying for a Reiki treatment is simply an exchange of different types of energy-cash for a service


2)     I think of Reiki as a treatment which activates a person’s natural ability to self-heal, rather than a transference of external energy into the receiver


3)     I don’t believe that anyone can heal anyone else. Healing always happens as a result of a subconscious decision to heal. A healer creates the ideal conditions and opportunity for healing to occur, and whatever happens is between Reiki and the receiver. I prefer not to even call myself a healer.


So to me, you’re not being charged for energy or healing, but placing a value on the service provided by a healer, which seems to be an important part of the healing process, in my experience so far.




It can often be the case that anger towards having to pay for something is related to a subconscious block against money. Beliefs such as “money is dirty and evil”, “I don’t deserve abundance”, “I have to struggle hard to make money” etc. prevent us from living in harmony with monetary exchanges and being in a good flow with life.  


I’ve worked through a lot of non-beneficial beliefs around money. I understand how frustrating it is to feel like you never have enough money so I’m able to have compassion for those who contact me in a rage about having to pay for Reiki. I just wish there could be a more civilised dialogue around the issue as I’d be happy to share what I’ve learnt to heal these unhealthy beliefs around money and healing.




For the Reiki practitioners reading this, do you feel comfortable charging for your services? I wish for all professional practitioners to really value what you have to offer so as to enjoy the monetary exchange. You probably spent a lot of time and money on your training and preparing a special healing space for your clients. It’s likely that you often give more of your time than agreed upon for your Reiki sessions.


I spent over 5 years training in Reiki practice before I started charging for treatments. I value what I have to offer because of the time, commitment and money I’ve put into my business. I’ve chosen to value myself and my services despite often feeling undervalued by a largely unspiritual society.




Of course Reiki can be offered as a gift in certain circumstances. Many hospitals welcome Reiki practitioners as volunteers to offer patients complementary care. If you find yourself at the scene of an accident, don’t hesitate to discreetly offer Reiki to those in need. I share Reiki with my Dad as often as possible, and would never dream of asking him to pay, as he’s half of the reason I’m here in this world.


From time to time I offer free group distant healing sessions, sometimes as a thank you to those who book sessions with me, for those who cannot afford a 1-on-1 session or in celebration of a solstice or special moon, for those who enjoy setting intentions during auspicious times. I have noticed, though, that most people tend to have better results when they pay for Reiki. It's difficult for the mind to truly value something that is free. Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki Healing Method, came to the same conclusion after offering Reiki for free when he first discovered it.


I’m not saying that Reiki treatment should never be free. I’m calling for us all to heal our issues with money, to respect the monetary value someone places on their healing services and to speak to each other respectfully on the internet, please. Always consider all the unseen time, effort and money someone has put into their product or service before judging it as “too expensive”.


Let’s take the fact that everything is energy really seriously and play the game that this presents to us. Let’s enjoy exchanging money for things that are good for us. Instead of feeling like we’re losing money by paying for something, instead recognise that you’re gaining something through a simple and even sacred exchange of energy.




When you value yourself and your offerings, it gives others permission to value themselves and they will then know how to value you too.

This wasn’t meant to be a post about self-love but, as usual, that’s what it all comes down to.

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