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Nirmala Taryn Walker is a practicing Reiki master living on the magical island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. She began her Reiki training here over a decade ago while fasting and transitioning towards a more balanced lifestyle.

Nirmala's personal encounter with deep grief pushed her towards spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, transpersonal psychotherapy and intuitive painting and continues to guide her on a profound journey inwards.

Born in South Africa, Nirmala's childhood was full of wildlife adventures and time spent in nature with family and friends. At the age of 22, she started travelling, mostly in Asia, and still finds herself in Thailand, which now feels like home.

Nirmala has been a yoga and meditation teacher, and in another life, a kindergarten and art teacher, but now focuses on teaching Reiki. 

She believes that, by its simplicity, Reiki is a practice that can very easily be incorporated into daily life. So many people are yearning for a deeper connection to themselves and life and Reiki is so easy to practice it offers a way for anyone to have a beautiful spiritual self-care ritual. Nirmala thinks everyone should learn Reiki to have a sweet healing ally, not only in times of stress or illness, but as a nurturing companion for life.

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